Failing to file your tax return is a misdemeanor and should not be taken lightly.

Tax season is a stressful time. Failing to file your taxes can have negative consequences, such as increasing the amount of interest owed on outstanding debt and losing access to certain benefits that may be available due in part by not being able meet minimum requirements for filing status or income level needed with applicable withholding allowances.

What Should I do if I am Behind on Filing My Tax Return?

If you fall into the category of more than one million taxpayers who have failed to file their tax returns, you need an experienced CPA to assist. At Patriots Tax & Accounting in Fredericksburg, VA, our experienced team of CPA professionals recognize the impact non-filing has on your financial well-being. We help you file and get back on track by:

File Taxes Voluntarily to Avoid Penalties

Let us get your taxes in order so you can stop worrying about the law.

One way to avoid being penalized by interest and penalties on delinquent tax returns is if an individual files voluntarily, which means they will likely be able to retain any deductions worth more than $50 plus have peace of mind knowing that their finances are running smoothly under voluntary compliance with IRS regulations for filing these types of documents timely each year.

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