The experts at Patriots Tax & Accounting in Fredericksburg, VA help individuals remain compliant with the IRS while minimizing tax liabilities. In the event the IRS informs you that your taxes were incorrectly filed, you can rely on help from one of our CPA’s to set your records straight.

How Does Tax Resolution Help?

Our tax resolution services will give you peace of mind about your tax situation. We represent you when it comes to the IRS. Our tax resolution services provide the following benefits:

Individual Tax Resolution Services

Patriots Tax & Accounting acts as your representative for the following tax resolution services. Click on each service to learn more.

Call us today to get your tax records straightened out. Delaying the situation will only make matters worse and will end up costing you more money. Our experts will work with you to pay back taxes, amend returns, and organize paperwork in the event of an audit.

How Can We Help?

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